Join UNCW Plastic Ocean Project in our Stop Sucking Week in partnership with the Lonely Whale Foundation! 

We are determined to permanently remove plastic straws from all dining locations, and any event or program on the UNCW campus. To create this change, we need the support of our students, faculty, peers, and community. Plastic straws are an unnecessary waste in our daily consumption and behavior. Everyday in the United States alone, 500 million straws are used, and a countless amount find their way into our ocean and our environment. Since we are a university so interconnected with the ocean, it is imperative that we maximize our efforts to reduce plastic waste, and protect what makes our school so great. Let's make UNCW the first campus to be 100% plastic straw free! 

UNCW POP Tabled outside of Randall Library and the Fischer Student Center for four days in November in order to spread awareness of the Stop Sucking Petition. 

Metal straws were brought to the campus PODS, and paper straws were given out upon request in three dining locations on campus.

POP had had metal straws (an easy and cheap substitute to plastic straws, straw facts, buttons, contests, photo-ops, and more! 

Let's all come together as a community and shed light on the ugly truth of plastic straws! 


Sign out petition to ban plastic straws on the UNCW campus HERE


Nicole Netzer