Asheville Mountain Weekend - River Sweep

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"The mountains of Burnsville and Asheville, NC did not disappoint the POP crew as they ventured into the heart of the Appalachians for a not-so-typical cleanup. With the thought that "all waters lead to the ocean," it is crucial to protect not only our oceans and beaches, but also our inland environments. Roughly 80% of all marine plastic debris comes from inland sources (National Geographic), and often this plastic is vectored by rivers, streams, estuaries, hurricanes, and other large rain events.

Cleaning up a tributary of the East Toe River, the POP crew successfully cleared a large amount of trash including plastic bottles, wrappers, road signs, plastic home siding, bouncy balls, and a map the Pacific North West (that one was a keeper.)

The Pop crew also took advantage of our beautiful mountains! They explored some scenic (and very cold) views atop mountain peaks, visited a Native American and geology knick-knack shop, enjoyed some pizza and brews at the Asheville Pizza Co., relaxed in front of the wood-burning fireplace, and even got some snowflakes on their tongues. It was a trip well-planned for sure, and a time that was spent not only having fun, but also making an impactful and lasting effect on the places we call home."

-RILEY BEVERIDGE, (Plastic Ocean Project); ERIC DZENIS, (Plastic Ocean Project)