Whatever your interest, there's a committee for you!

There are so many ways for you to get involved. Check out our opportunities below, and let your interests flourish.

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Visuals have become such a large aid in our society. Come create pieces inspired by and including plastics we find on our coastlines.

Annual Spring Plastics to Art Gala
Chalk before meetings and events
Create buttons and fundraising items

If you have a passion for our oceans and art contact Emily Kolonia at eek2595@uncw.edu



Educating future generations is key to creating a sustainable future. Love teaching kids? Come join our Education program and help speak to students anywhere from elementary level to high school. We promise at the end of the day, you'll be the ones learning something new. 

Interested in helping educate the public? Contact Danielle Gutierrez at dmg5106@uncw.edu

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Community Outreach

Not only do we educate our campus, we expand to educate our community. 

Help establish Ocean Friendly Establishments alongside WB Keep It Clean and Cape Fear Surfrider

Help spread the word about current campaigns/initiatives within our community.

Contact Sam Huskey at srh7962@uncw.edu

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Sustainable Partnerships

Fighting plastic pollution can't happen alone. Teaming up with sustainable organizations and businesses is essential to innovating solutions that will end this problem.

To team up with businesses such as Mack Coyle LLC, and PK Clean, contact Scott Davis at scd2105@uncw.edu

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What sets us apart is our passion for research. Engaged learning about plastics in the environment gives us a deeper understanding about how they're affecting our oceans. Come learn how to conduct your own project, and contact speakers to come speak about theirs!

Contact Lindsey Metz at lindseymetz87@gmail.com

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Fundraising & Marketing

Recruiting sponsors and fundraising are a vital part of our success. Without the support from our local businesses and organizations, our outreach efforts would not be possible! Like to creatively think about new ways to raise funds or enjoy making marketing materials?

Email Eric Dzenis at efd2738@uncw.edu to learn more!